Singer. Songwriter. Musician.



Bo Williams is inspired by life… the good and the bad. His passion and inspiration is derived from everyday life experiences. He expresses his emotions in every song he sings. You can feel the chills up and down your spine. Whether your response may be a smile, a tear, visual or a nod of the head….his smooth and silky voice will make you will feel the intensity of the words he sings that makes your body, mind or soul react.

Bo’s recent recording “Forbidden”, elaborates on the bitter sweet desires of a romance that shouldn’t be. Listen to how he sincerely sings his story of forbidden desires and dreams he wish can be a reality. His description of every desire can be imagined and foreseen yet untouchable.

With other works in progress, Bo promises to bring more expressive and innovative songs to his audience.


Label - Off White Records, Jake Coldham
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Management - Karen Blanche
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Booking - The Bookerz, Daniel Ku
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PR - That Girl Pr, Sarah Brookstone
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